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Avator Box (The Amazing) Suite v6.5.13 New Most Wanted software Released

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AVATOR BOX NX VER6.513 (China Phones Service Tool)
23 Nov 2012

What is new:

*********** Avatorbox NX Ver6.513 (2012-11-23) ******************

1£؛ [SPRD] SC6530 supported
2£؛ [SPRD] SC6800H supported
3£؛ [SPRD] SC6800H1 supported
4£؛ [SPRD] SC6800H2 supported
5£؛ [SPRD] SC6803 supported
6£؛ [SPRD] SC8800G supported
7£؛ [MTK] MT625A supported
8£؛ [MTK] MT6250DA supported
9£؛ [MTK] MTK Unlock Function Improved
10£؛ [MTK] MTK Touch Screen Calibration Improved
11£؛ [MTK] MT6252 USB Download supported - (testing)
12£ [MTK] Tracker improved
13£ [SPRD] SPD 6610/20 Flashing Perfection
14£ [SPRD] SPD 6600L Flashing Perfection
15£؛ [ALL] more new Flashs supported
16£؛ [ALL] Box Register / Authorisation Tab

Bug fixes:
1£ ؛bug fixes Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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